Meet the owner: Kelly

Hello and thanks for visiting our website! Below is a quick note from the owner, Kelly:

To give you an idea of who I am....I am second, a rescue pup mom, daughter, sister, best friend, friend, business owner, female bodyguard, sports enthusiast, dart player, music lover, 4x4 wrangler junkie, skydiver, converse supporter, northern born southern discovered woman...just to name a few. I take chances and believe in the impossible. I believe you should as well.

Giving back to the community is also very big in my world. I am a proud member of the SOLID Alumni Board (2018), WMBA, and the Country Music Hall of Fame's Troubadour Society. Throughout the year you can find me at the American Red Cross donating blood or at Second Harvest Food Bank packing up boxes!

"What makes your company different than the others?" That's the most common question I receive. I have the same permits, tinted out vehicles, purpose on the I'll let you know what makes us different...I want to grow a company that isn't cookie cutter with the same sugar coated answers. Our company values your opinion/suggestions. Do you want to go a particular route or want a specific magazine in the car? Tell us. Do you need us to pick up something while you’re at an event or dinner? Just let your driver know. This isn't a "my" focused company but a team. Many companies include a gratuity in their bills, however we do not. I want my team to benefit from the hard work they produce. Those are some of the examples of what makes Go Big Transportation different than the rest.

 Give us a call and see the difference...mention this page and get 10% off your first booking.

Thanks for believing in us.