Stand With Us

Our motivational letter to the 2016-2017 Nashville Predators

June 9th, 2017

Stand With Us.

When you hear “Nashville Predators” the next phrase that should pop into your head, especially if you’ve been a fan of the team for years is: “Stand With Us”. It’s been on our playoff shirts for years, displayed on signs all over the city…it’s become our mantra. However, while it’s an easy phrase to identify with, what exactly does it mean?

To “Stand With” means to unite with someone, as in defense. Sounds simple right? We hear it by those that mean the most to us, especially in our darkest of situations. It’s one of those phrases that you say by habit over years. Just like when someone passes away, your natural reaction is to say “I’m sorry” however, most of the time it doesn’t feel like enough. That’s because it usually isn’t…it’s the effort and strength WHEN you show you care that pulls us through. When someone actually FEELS it’s all or nothing and they are actually Standing With You. THAT’S what changes situations, those are the moments we remember the most in our lifetime.

In society we’re taught that if you admit your weaknesses that you’re weak. However, I believe from my own experiences, it’s in those moments where we show our vulnerability that our biggest strength shows itself. We can all identify those times where you’re scared to death of saying how you feel because of the fear of what may happen afterwards. Over the years though I’ve learned that when people identify with where you’re at, the greatest miracles occur. Those moments where you shine when no one but those closely tied to you believed you could do it. Sometimes you even second guessed yourself. Support, that’s what keeps us all going.

The series looks grim to everyone that TRULY doesn't believe. We're down 2 games to 3. The home team has always won in their arena during this round. You would assume by what “we see” that it’s not looking great for the Predators since there is 1 more away game after we win game 6. That’s not the case with me though. I don’t live my life by what I see, but by FAITH of what I BELIEVE, and you shouldn’t either. The moment where you can only focus on what you see in front of you, is the moment where you fail within yourself. That’s where you need to reach out for your support team, to those that can see further.

To the Predators, it’s not over…it’s not over until that cup is raised. EVERY SECOND COUNTS. That’s what we need to teach all the new fans that are joining our existence as the 7th man and remind those that can’t see it. All it takes are those split seconds of bravery to change the picture. Less than a decade ago this town was a blip on the map, with a hockey team that was almost taken away. Now, look at us. This is one of the most traveled to cities in the world, with a hockey team that is not only filling the arena with thousands but the streets around it for blocks. It would’ve been easy to fold up shop, however this team and city has fought. The faces may have changed but the spirit hasn’t. DON’T FORGET THAT. When you feel like there is nothing left in the tank, ask for help and watch the miracle happen. This is why the 7th man exists. One person can’t do it on their own, however, you’re not alone…because WE ARE STANDING WITH YOU. Why? Because Patten Fuqua reminded us in 2010 after the flood which destroyed a good chunk of our city, that WE ARE NASHVILLE. EVERY DAY. So it's your turn to Stand With Us and TRULY BELIEVE.

--Kelly Gurbisz